I get video, but the screen is black.

First off lets discuss how the image gets to your goggles! The video signal comes from the camera to the flight controller via the video in pad, then the OSD is overlaid over the image and the combined picture is then sent out the video out pin to the VTX which then transmits the signal to your goggles. If you are receiving a black screen, then that means the VTX is powered, and you are on the right channel in your goggles or monitor. However the VTX is not getting the video signal from your camera! A couple things to check,

  • Is your camera getting power?
  • Check the signal wire from the camera to the FC as well as solder connections. Make sure it is connected to Video IN!
  • Swap to a different camera.

If you can activate and see the OSD, this means the video out from the flight controller is working properly. If you can not get the OSD to open, then the video out from the FC may be the issue.