Which jumper do I solder for current reading on my ESC?

There are 2 options for soldering the current sensor jumper on the Flightone RevoltOSD, Revoltosd lite, MillivoltOSD and other Flightone flight controllers. This is important if you would like the mAh consumed or current amp draw to be displayed in your OSD. To configure the current sensor is in another FAQ.

First determine how many current sensors your ESC has. A current sensor looks like this little silver box.

If you have 1 current sensor then solder the bridge the middle pad with the bottom pad closest to the mounting hole. In the configurator do not select BL Heli32 telemetry off. If you ESC has both a current and telemetry wire, only connect the current wire from the ESC to the FC.

If you have 4 current sensors, then bridge the middle pad and the top pad farthest from the mounting hole and select Bl Heli Telemetry in the configurator.