Connect a Receiver to the H7

To connect a receiver to the Flight One H7 flight controller is very easy. You will be using TX1 and on the connector version there is a plug, and on the solder version there are positive and negative pads next to TX1 to make this easy. I have 2 examples below showing how to connect 2 popular systems, basically positive to 5V, negative to ground and the the signal wire from the receiver to TX1. Right now there is no telemetry available so there is no need to connect more than more signal wire. With the H7, it will autodetect the receiver and if it is normal or inverted during setup.

In the examples below I have also connected the VTX. For the TBS and ImmersionRC ecosystem if you would like to change the VTX channels and power from your radio, then connect the Smart Audio from the VTX to the receiver. For TBS products that goes to Channel 4 by default, then make sure in your crossfire Lua script channel 4 is set to SA or Smart Audio. On the ImmersionRC products connect the the T or Telemetry pad on the receiver.

The other method would be to connect the VTX Smart Audio to the Smart Audio pad. Falco will autodetect the protocol being used and you can make adjustments via the OSD Video page. There are 2 methods to access this page, hold both sticks down and left and then scroll to the page. The other method is to hold both sticks down and right, opening the VTX page only.

TBS Crossfire and Unify Nano Setup

ImmersionRC Ghost and Tramp Setup

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