How to connect the vtx

The VTX signal wire should be connected to the Video Out to VTX pad/pin and then should be powered either off the VBATT pin in the VTX connector for VTX’s that can take full battery voltage or can be connected to a free 5V line from another pad/pin. For VTX’s with SmartAudio or TrampTelemetry protocols, the telemetry wire (sometimes called data or audio on TBS VTX’s) should be connected to VTX/TX3 pad/pin.  This will enable you to change the channel of the VTX via FalcoX’s OSD.

For crossfire receivers and smart audio VTX systems another option is available. For this option you will not be able to change the channel via the OSD, but only the Lua script on your radio, or coming soon through the TBS FUSION module. Instead of connecting smart audio to TX3, connect the smart audio wire to Channel 4 on your crossfire receiver. Then make sure in your RX Menu run on your radio via the LUA script Channel 4 is set to Smart Audio. This method does not work with Tramp Telemetry.

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