Dynamic Filter Tune

There are many questions on tuning filters, and the Dynamic filter is no different. Here is what Nick Williard said about the tuning the Dynamic Filter.
“So about the dynamic filter, I think people are getting confused about what to do with it since they’re used to Betaflights dynamic filtering. The dynamic filter in FalcoX is something entirely different and is not implemented in any other flight firmware. It also is dynamic, but not automatic (yet) so for now the filter needs 2 values to operate compared to 1 value like in the normal filters. The benefit to the dynamic filter is that you can either end up filtering more without losing any stick feel. The basic tuning guide for the dynamic filter if you want to do it from scratch is the same as any other filter, I.E. set your filter cutoff low enough so you have no oscillations or hot motors. Once you’ve done that, then you want to lower the dynamic filter strength as much as possible without getting hot motors/oscillations (essentially the same as adjusting the cutoff, just that the numbers move the opposite direction)”