How to connect receivers

The receiver signal wire (SBUS, CRSF TX, IBUS, etc.) MUST be wired to TX1. Telemetry is not yet implemented but can be soldered to RX3. Once the receiver wire/s has been attached, make sure to solder the TX1 jumper to either INV (inverted signal) or NOR (normal signal) depending on your receiver protocol. For SBUS based protocols, the jumpers should be soldered to INV and for other radio protocols (CRSF, Spektrum, etc.) the jumpers should be soldered to NOR. (*NOTICE* Radio Telemetry is not yet support in FalcoX)

NOR Jumpered Receivers

  • Crossfire
  • Spektrum
  • Frysky R9

INV Jumpered Receivers

  • SBUS Frysky, or any SBUS
  • IBUS
  • DJI

Some wiring examples below for the different receiver types.


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